What Can I Expect?

In Living Church, we hope that you will experience God in a way that is relevant for today. We encourage people to freely express themselves to God in worship, and be open to a real encounter with a living God.


Sunday Service


Each Sunday, Living Church opens at 11.30, half an hour before the start of the Sunday Service. This is a time for personal prayer and reflection, where we prepare ourselves to meet with God. We encourage people to express themselves freely to God in prayer – some people choosing to pray silently, and others choosing to pray aloud. You are welcome to join us in this time of prayer, or just sit and enjoy the gospel music being played in the main hall.


We begin each Sunday service with a time of music and singing. This is an important part of how we worship God. We mainly sing contemporary gospel songs in both English and Danish, accompanied by live music. Every one is encouraged to get involved, and express themselves freely to God, through singing, clapping, lifting up their hands, or even shouting and dancing before God. Living Church may get loud, but it is rarely boring!


The highlight of our Sunday service is a sermon based on scriptures and teaching from the Bible. These sermons contain practical, relevant lessons that we can apply to our daily lives. Sermons may be delivered in both English and Danish. At the conclusion of the sermon, people may be invited to respond to the message with a time of prayer.

For Children

We believe that Living Church can be just as fun and relevant for children as it is for adults. During the sermon, we have special activities for children. These activities include exciting stories from the Bible, songs, music, crafts, and games.